The Bradley Method® of Partner-Coached Natural Childbirth

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for considering the Bradley Method® of partner-coached natural childbirth! My husband and I used the method for the natural births of all three of our children and can personally attest to the fact that this twelve-week class really works! In fact, over 87 percent of vaginal Bradley births are unmedicated. If you are like us, when choosing a natural childbirth class you want to make sure that it will actually prepare you for unmedicated birth — and the Bradley Method® does!

The class covers all aspects of having a healthy pregnancy and a natural birth — including relaxation techniques, how to reduce and/or eliminate “pain” in labor, nutrition, exercise, interacting with your medical provider, birth plans, the physiology and psychology of labor and interventions, and how your partner can be a great coach — as well as early bonding with your baby and breastfeeding.

The class is designed to be a safe, welcoming space where we can all learn from the materials and one another in a fun, informal way. The class incorporates videos, relaxation exercises, labor rehearsals, and physical exercises; students also receive a 125-page Student Workbook containing the class curriculum, study guides, and information on pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, coaches/doula training, ways of handling pain in labor, pre-birth bonding, staying healthy and low risk, nutrition, protein counter, birth plans, relaxation exercises, labor rehearsals, and breastfeeding.

I have extensive knowledge in the realms of breastfeeding and pumping, prenatal exercise, affirmations and meditation-based relaxation, baby-wearing, and preparing siblings for a new baby, and will augment the coursework with additional information on these topics as needed. My husband will help teach several of the classes, in order to provide advice and support to the male partners.

Students are welcome to borrow materials from my large library of books (covering pregnancy, natural childbirth, the first year of life, breastfeeding, vaccines, and more), prenatal exercise DVDs, and birthing videos.

My classes, held in midtown Sacramento, are kept small to maximize individual attention. I also offer private classes at your home or other location of your choice, if you prefer one-on-one instruction.

As your childbirth educator, I will be reachable by phone and email for your questions and comments whenever you need me.

New Bradley Method® classes are starting soon — please contact me to discuss times and any questions you may have!

Cell: 916.718.9693


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