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When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew very little about childbirth and really wasn’t sure what kind of labor experience I wanted.  As the pregnancy progressed, however, I felt so connected to the child growing inside of me that I wanted to honor her and myself with the healthiest, most present birth experience I could — a natural, unmedicated birth.  Good friends referred my husband and me to the Bradley Method® of partner-coached childbirth, and we were so grateful that they did.  The relaxation techniques, physical exercises, and nutrition tips were so instrumental in us ultimately having the beautiful unmedicated birth we had hoped for.

I have now had three children naturally using the Bradley Method — — two in the hospital and the latest one at home.  Even though I am a lawyer and prior to giving birth thought my most impressive moments were in my professional life, I have never been prouder of myself or more empowered by what I am capable of doing than after training for labor and then being fully present as I birthed naturally.  The process of preparing for birth and then experiencing the miracle of the experience together also brought an unanticipated new level of love and respect into my marriage.

Giving birth using the Bradley Method® has brought me such immense joy and strength that I feel called to help other families who want the same for themselves.  I have been a Bradley Method Instructor for nine years and am honored to have been a part of so many couples having their babies in the healthiest way for mother and baby — naturally.

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